Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS)

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OPA-SV Family Request for Assistance

In our ongoing commitment to supporting the well-being of every child in our community, we want to ensure that families feel empowered to seek assistance when needed. One way to initiate this process is by completing a request for assistance form. This form serves as a vital tool for families to communicate any concerns they may have regarding their child's behavior, emotions, or general mental health. By filling out this form, families can provide valuable insights that enable us to offer targeted support tailored to each child's unique needs. We encourage families to take advantage of this resource as we work together to foster a nurturing and supportive environment for our children to thrive.



  • To teach children appropriate behavior and provide support to sustain that behavior.
  • It helps create safer and more effective schools. 
  • Positive environments help all students feel valued and supported. 

Benefits of Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports

  • Students learn and are reinforced for the behaviors that are desired and expected, rather than only learning what they should not do.
  • Positive behavior supports have been found to promote positive learning environments, create trusting and respectful student-teacher relationships, and result in more frequent and long-lasting demonstration of positive, desired behavior by students. 
  • In schools where PBIS is being implemented with fidelity, improvement were found in office discipline referrals, suspensions, school safety and climate, academic achievement, and bullying. https://pent.ca.gov/pbis/about/index.aspx