Scholar Academy

Scholar Academy is our Special Education Department.
Questions can be directed to our School Psychologist, Dr. Sarah Taino at [email protected]
School Counselor, Gretchen Pleuss can be reached at [email protected] 
Welcome students and parents!
I'm Ms. G, your school counselor
I'm here to support students in many ways:
  • handling stress and worries
  • study skills
  • following school rules
  • talking about feelings
  • making and keeping friends
  • controlling your anger
  • solving problems
  • and many more!
Ways a student can meet with me:
  • come up to me and tell me you'd like to speak with me privately
  • with your teacher's permission, come by my room (near the office across from Room 8)
  • ask your parent to contact me
Sometimes I may come to see you:
  • Does this mean you're in trouble? Absolutely not!
  • Does it mean I need to talk to you about something? Maybe
  • Does it mean I care about you? Yes