Dress Code

Dressing for Success in the Classroom

It is the intent of Oxford that students be dressed and groomed in an appropriate manner that will not interfere with, or detract from, the school environment or disrupt the educational process. In order to promote and instill a professional, effective, and healthy learning environment, foster school unity and community pride, eliminate social stigmas that may be attributed to attire, and to minimize distractions to allow students to focus on learning, the Oxford Board and community has developed a Dress Code Policy.

Oxford’s Dress Code Policy – The Details

  • All students are expected to wear clothes that comply with our dress code policy to school each day and on field trips.
  • Dress Code pieces with Oxford logos are available for purchase, however, students are not required to purchase their dress code pieces from any specific vendor.
  • Any student or parent who needs assistance with identifying or purchasing the school dress code pieces should contact the school office at (949) 540-7800 or [email protected].
  • No student shall be sent home from school or denied attendance to school, or penalized academically or otherwise discriminated against, for noncompliance with this Dress Code Policy. We will contact parents and provide the student with an appropriate dress code piece for the day.
  • Students or parents requesting an exemption from any provision of this dress code for religious or other reasons should contact the school office at (949) 540-7800 or [email protected].
  • Shoes and socks may show students personality, but need to be appropriate for school activity and use.

More About Oxford’s Dress Code Policy

  • Students’ classroom University or Oxford spirit hats or caps are allowed for outdoor use only;
  • Clothes and belts must be the appropriate size and length when worn;
  • Socks, tights, and leggings should coordinate with the school dress code (coordinating colors are black, white, pink, grey, silver, and teal);
  • Legging and tights may only be worn under skirts, shorts, skorts. They may not be worn alone. 
  • All outerwear (such as jackets, hoodies, sweaters and sweatshirts) should coordinate with the school dress code (coordinating colors are black, white, grey, silver, pink, and teal); and
  • All items, unless otherwise indicated, must be solid color.

The following items are considered inappropriate and are contrary to the Dress Code Policy:

  • Clothing that contains any pattern, design, or logo that is disruptive or inappropriate, vulgar, violent, or discriminatory. Oxford does not tolerate any clothing or other personal items that promote drugs, gangs, alcohol, smoking, sex, profanity, or violence;
    Clothing which allows undergarments to be seen;
  • Distracting hair styles, such as mohawks, spiked hair and unnatural colored hair (e.g., orange, blue, green);
  • Roller shoes/Heelys;
  • Clothing that is excessively large or tight.

Where to Buy

As previously mentioned, dress code pieces for Oxford Preparatory Academy can be purchased from the store of your choosing. For your convenience, we have provided links to several retailers below.

Children’s Place French Toast WalMart Target
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Old Navy SchoolBelles Vicki Marsha Amazon Essentials
Girls Dress Code Link
Boys Dress Code Link
(Aqua Plaid available)
Use School Code S3001
(Aqua Plaid available)

The information on this page is based on the Oxford Prep Board approved Dress Code Policy for the TK-8 and Independent Study Programs. This policy has been adopted by the Oxford Board of Directors in compliance with the provisions of Article IX, section 5 of the California Constitution, and Assembly Bill 1575 (effective January 1, 2013), which prohibit the charging of any student fees for participation in an educational activity at a public school.

PLEASE NOTE:  In any cases concerning interpretation of this Dress Code Policy, Oxford reserves the right to determine what constitutes proper compliance.